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Program Director

David holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Washington where his academic concentrations included land use planning and transit oriented development. He is an Affiliate Instructor in the Department of Urban Design & Planning leading several studios and a course he created, “Planning as a Profession”. David received a BS in Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He has managed the planning and implementation of various real estate projects in both the public and private sectors, primarily in mixed use and transit oriented development.  David has spent several years building the course “Sustainable Urban Mobility” through travel and outreach to practicing planners and academic faculty in Great Britain, The Netherlands and Denmark.

University of Washington - College of the Built Environment mission statement: Our core mission is to develop a community of inquiry, learning, and practice that helps urban regions to become more livable, just, economically effective, and environmentally sound through a democratic process of urban design and planning.

Program Faculty

Kelsey Figone is a graduate student at the University of Washington studying the intersection of planning and policy. She has taught internationally and led cross-cultural volunteering programs for tech companies in Africa and Asia. Kelsey has worked with David and Lyle on several urban planning projects, including recommendations for the City of Seattle for post-COVID business recovery in the downtown core and a strategy for 15-minute neighborhoods with OPCD. She looks forward to helping students uncover the challenges and opportunities of urban mobility in the Northwest. 


Program Faculty

Experienced project management professional with strong quantitative and spatial analysis skills and a passion for sustainability.


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We are experts in projects that deal with growth in cars and populations, with all kinds of solutions for network management, public transport, parking, cycling and pedestrians. As a world-wide strategist for urban mobility, Goudappel aligns city goals and mobility plans for both long term, as well as for tomorrow. For more than 50 years, we are the leading firm on mobility engineering in The Netherlands. Our core business focusses on redesigning the mobility architecture of existing cities and make these cities adaptable for changing demand within their existing space. 

Program Faculty

Michelle is a driven and ambitious urban planner with over five years of technical experience using spatia lanalyses to uncover how vulnerable, displaced populations will be affected by the human consequences of climate change. She received a Masters of City & Regional Planning as well as a Masters of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning from the University of California, Berkeley in 2019.  She joined Goudappel as an urban mobility consultant in Fall 2019. At Goudappel, Michelle works on projects worldwide where she specializes in planning equitable transportation systems, spatial analyses and general project management and support. 


Program Faculty

Bas Govers is the leading professional in mobility-planning in Goudappel Coffeng. He is the program director of our international program to improve cities by mobility planning called “excellent cities”. He has over 25 years’ of experience in urban development, network planning and traffic engineering. He has introduced several new perspectives on cycling, like the urban zoning (ABC), the three levels of cycling (dare to cycle, able to cycle and invite to cycle) and scientific research about time-evaluation for cyclists for over 12 cities and regions. In these concepts lies the ambition to make the bicycle the first mode of transport by improving urban quality and rerouting of cars in urban networks. 

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Program Faculty

Ilse Galama is an Urban Mobility consultant with Goudappel Coffeng. Thanks to her extensive background in Architecture and Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics (both degrees from Delft University of Technology), Ilse has wide experience in urban development and transport planning. She is particularly interested in the interface between mobility and the built environment, with a focus on cycling and pedestrians. Ilse has been involved in many different projects that require conducting interviews with stakeholders, helping design development perspectives, and combining these into graphics and reports. Ilse is creative, has strong organisational skills, likes to work with clients, and is particularly good at visual graphics.

Lucas van der Linde_vierkant.JPG

Program Faculty

Lucas van der Linde’s background is a broad one: in addition to his main subject (spatial planning), he has minors in economics, sustainability, and social geography – both in the Netherlands and abroad (Sweden, Hong Kong). In the autumn of 2014, Lucas joined Goudappel as a consultant. He works on an all-round basis, but often on the verge of urban development and mobility. Lucas also travels regularly to the international partners of Goudappel for projects, such as Canada, the USA and Sweden. Lucas has worked for the international branch of Goudappel during 2019 and the start of 2020 in the United States and Canada, and as a result, is familiar with the American planning context. 

Derek Kai Taylor (tijdelijk).jpg

Program Faculty

Derek Taylor is a California native with extensive academic and professional experience in both US and international cities. He studied City & Regional Planning and GIS at the University of California, Berkeley where he primarily focused on land-use and transportation policy in the Bay Area. In the summer of 2018, Derek joined Goudappel Coffeng as a consultant. Derek spent the first half-year with Goudappel leading an extensive research project on the fundamentals on the Dutch transportation system in which he and his team developed a GIS-based framework for Dutch strategies to be applied internationally. For his work, Derek adapted Goudappel’s modeling tool, the MOVE Meter, to be used in US context and further inform his research.  


The University of Manchester planning and environmental management department focuses primarily around the making of future cities - embracing issues such as spatial analysis, urban governance and sustainability. We aspire to create better cities by critically analysing and helping shape better policies for promoting equitable and sustainable cities for future generations. Our research focuses on the UK, Europe and other international arena such as China and Latin America.

Program Faculty

Dave is a Honorary Knowledge Exchange Fellow in Planning and Environmental Management at the University of Manchester, part of the Manchester Urban Institute. Previously he was Head of the Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) at Manchester City Council, a role that he had since 2004. Dave left Manchester City Council at the end of June 2014 taking the opportunity for VER (i.e. early "retirement"). He is now involved in research on smart cities and the future of work, amongst other things, as well as a few other interesting urban planning projects. 


Program Faculty

Richard is a professor of Urban Planning and GISc and the Deputy Director of the Spatial Policy Analysis Lab. He helps run NERC's 5 year Digital Solutions Programme developing an online platform and set of toolkits to exploit environmental and other data to create innovative digital services that deliver economic, societal and environmental benefits across the UK. He joined the UoM in 2003 and was previously a research associate at the Centre for Computational Geography, University of Leeds where he developed PPGIS methods and applications. He has worked in planning practice for Leicestershire County Council and a number of planning consultancies before focusing on an academic career.

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